Margaret Keavney, Esq.

Margaret A. Keavney, Esq., is a Member of Keavney and Streger, LLC. Prior to becoming an attorney in 1993, Ms. Keavney worked as a paramedic at several New Jersey hospitals, and volunteered as an EMT.

While attending law school at Tulane, she also obtained her Master’s Degree in Health Administration. She has been representing health care providers and health plans ever since.

In addition to representing legal clients, she served for six years as the legal member of the CAAS Panel of Commissioners, evaluating applicants and approving accreditation of agencies at the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services. She has been a member of the American Ambulance Association Ethics Committee, responsible for reviewing ethics issues brought up by the membership of the Association.

My Sessions

The Myth of the Silver Bullet: Decision-Making and Cognitive Bias

Atrium 7

This session will discuss how often we dismiss a proposed solution because it will not fix our problem 100%, thus disregarding the opportunity to get 50% (or even 20%) of our problem solved. We need to determine if we are better off getting part of the way there. This session will include real life examples, […]