Jon Cohn

President, WSFCA

President, Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association
Chief, Greenfield Fire Department

Jon Cohn serves as the Chief of Greenfield Fire-Rescue in Milwaukee County (Wisconsin) and Emergency Management Director for the City. Jon will also serve as President of the Wisconsin Fire Chiefs’ Association until late June 2018.

Jon has worked in several fire-EMS departments throughout his career, including acting as a charter member of a consolidated department. Jon continues to hold a Paramedic license although he is not a regular practitioner.

Jon believes the challenges facing public sector services are immense but also exciting. They present an opportunity to change, re-invent, and modernize these systems. Additionally, while we have seen organizational improvements as relates to cooperating with other organizations, we must concentrate on better coordination and ultimately collaboration to ensure “public” and member safety. Despite the industries focus on fire suppression and emergency handing, the primary mission remains prevention. However, we must broaden our focus and prepare our organizations for a more holistic approach which focuses on Emergency Medical Services and Community Risk Reduction.

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