Captain Raymond Dupuis

Watertown (MA) Police Department

Boston Bomber Manhunt

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing shoot-out in Watertown, Massachusetts, Captain Ray Dupuis oversaw communications as well as personnel assignments during the manhunt for the second suspect. Captain Dupuis was on scene when shots were fired at suspect number two while he was hidden in a grounded boat, then apprehended. He then remained onsite to establish security perimeters for the FBI so that they could process the crime scene.

A Seasoned Officer

A veteran officer, Captain Dupuis was appointed to the Watertown, Massachusetts police department in 1983. He served in the K9 unit, night patrol, and as a sergeant and lieutenant before being promoted to Captain of the Bureau of Field Operations in 2000. Captain Dupuis has a B.A. in Government Studies from Western New England College as well as a Masters in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College.

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