Employment Law for Front-Line Managers & Supervisors

Atrium 6

This session is intended to provide EMS leaders with a solid understanding of the laws that govern the employment relationship and highlight how this is often the greatest legal exposure to any EMS organization. This session will explain the provisions of the major Federal and State employment laws and includes discussions about the legal concepts associated with, “At-Will” employment, wage & hour laws, employment discrimination, anti-retaliation, the ADA and the interactive process, employee leave, including Sick & Family Medical Leave, and several others.  This session will provide attendees with practical examples of how the numerous employment laws apply in a typical EMS environment and when the law should influence the manner a supervisor or manager performs their daily duties. This session focuses on how seemingly simple supervisory behavior or actions can have significant legal implications to their organization. This session highlights common legal pitfalls that trip up even the most seasoned of supervisor and guidance on how avoid a misstep.