7 Steps EMS Leaders Should Take Now to Prepare for the Future

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During the last few years, the EMS, healthcare and public safety communities worked together to develop a vision for the future of EMS and the role that providers of out-of-hospital care could potentially play. This landmark document, the EMS Agenda 2050, looks thirty years into the future, which can seem daunting, but is necessary for the kind of generational change it anticipates. Its “people-driven” guiding principles provide high level goals, but how do leaders get started to make them a reality?

Brian LaCroix, president and EMS chief of Allina Health EMS in Minnesota and president-elect of NEMSMA, will lay out 7 steps leaders can take now to start the process of realizing the vision of EMS Agenda 2050.

In this session, you’ll hear Brian speak to how his organization primes their staff to become leaders, from the cohort model to the nineblock assessment review. He will lead a frank discussion about building a future workforce while managing the current recruitment crisis. He will debate the importance of higher education in EMS and recount his agency’s journey in becoming an innovative, sustainable and safe EMS system.

Attendees will:

  • Be able to identify the six guiding principles of the EMS Agenda 2050 and how it can act as a catalyst for change
  • Learn how to institutionalize new strategies and ideas while combating ‘initiative fatigue’
  • Discover how to navigate the inevitable challenges that come from competing priorities