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We invited multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Rachel Aggs to write about Highlife music.

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Our time capsule

To mark 40 years since we first opened our doors, we've created a digital time capsule. What's inside? Only one way to find out...

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Out and About!: 40 years of LGBT+ bangers

To coincide with Out and About! with the Bishopsgate Institute LGBT+ archive, we've selected 40 anthems which have been embraced by the LGBT+ community over the past 40 years - one track for each year from 1982 to 2022... 

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Celebrating 40 years

We're turning 40! Take a look over the last four decades as we explore our history with a cut-and-paste journey as seen in news, music videos, TV dramas and motion pictures.

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Can we be artists?

Who decides what art is? We're taking a look back at our panel talk, Can we be artists? with our community collaborator Headway East London.

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Out and About! The Log Books

In this special podcast collaboration, The Log Books' Tash and Adam take a closer look at some of the objects in our Out and About exhibition, and what they tell us about LGBT+ life in London over the past 40 years - and today.