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Recognizing a considerable deficit in e-Learning targeting the pre-hospital setting, Pro EMS Center for MEDICS set out to create an in-house system for HIGH-QUALITY education, DELIVERY, and TRACKING. After several internal iterations, PRODIGY was launched in late 2016.

The extensive course offerings reflect not only the RECERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS set forth by the NREMT, but also courses focused on occupational HEALTH & SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, BEST PRACTICES, and lectures from professional pre-hospital CONFERENCES.

PRODIGY was created to GUIDE THE USER easily through the recertification process, including STATE and DEPARTMENT SPECIFIC training. EMS Training Officers are given access to fully review class records, ELIMINATING “SURPRISES” and ensuring full compliance with certification standards.

The classes are created to ENGAGE the learner through various mediums, including the use of REAL PATIENT videos, actual patient CARE REPORTS, and interactive POLLS.